We design and manufacture custom electronic instruments for biomedical and energy companies.

Our in-house rapid prototyping and manufacturing facilities as well as 20+ years of experience enable our multi-disciplinary team to respond quickly to your needs.  

We also manufacture and globally market small animal ECG and Ultrasound monitoring products for cardiovascular researchers.

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Tracey Technologies


One of our customers, Tracey Technologies, Houston, TX, came up with the idea for a single beam refractometer based on retina ray tracing for measuring eye refraction distribution. We developed the electronics and the low level software for three generations of the ray tracing devices over a 10 year period. We currently manufacture the electronics under an OEM agreement.
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The Indus Instruments MouseMonitor is a compact tabletop vital signs monitor that displays ECG and respiration waveforms as well as heart rate, breath rate and core temperature. The unique integrated pad incorporates ultra-low noise, high-resolution ECG electronics and a homeothermic heating pad with a durable surgical steel operating surface that supports magnetic accessories.
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The Indus Instruments MouseDoppler is a real-time pulsed Doppler spectrogram acquisition and data analysis tool designed specifically for measuring cardiovascular function in mice and rats.
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